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POP3 Connector for Exchange Configuration

Recommended configuration for PopGrabber and Exchange 2003

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PopGrabber is an excellent replacement for the POP3 connector included in Windows SBS 2000 and 2003. It also works, of course, with Exchange versions that do not include a POP3 connector (Standard, Enterprise).

For the following guide the following names are used:

  • TESTCOMPANY.local refers to your local Active Directory Domain Name
  • is the external Domain Name for your E-Mail accounts.
  • SERVER is the name of your Exchange server.
  • In this example, PopGrabber is installed in the same machine where Exchange is installed (recommended).


Exchange Server 2003 Configuration

  1. Open the Exchange System Manager and expand Servers - SERVER - Protocols - SMTP. Right click on Default SMTP Virtual Server and click on Properties.Exchange System Manager
  2. In the Access tab, verify the following:
    • Authentication: Anonymous access should be enabled, unless you want to use PopGrabber Professional with SMTP authentication.
      Exchange Virtual SMTP Server authentication
    • Connection: If your users do not need direct SMTP access to send E-Mail (for example, if all your users have Outlook), you can increase the security by allowing only the machine where PopGrabber is installed to connect to the SMTP port. In this case we add (the local machine).
      Exchange Virtual SMTP Server connection settings
    • Relay restrictions: This is the most important setting: the relay list should be empty, even if PopGrabber is installed in a different computer, its IP must not be included in this list. The reason is that POP3 connectors are used to deliver messages to local users, not to send them again to the Internet.
      Exchange SMTP Virtual Server relay restrictions
  3. In the Messages tab, enter your Postmaster's E-Mail address to receive Non-Delivery-Reports. Save the changes. This will allow you to track problems with the POP3 connector configuration easier.
    Exchange Virtual SMTP Server messages configuration
  4. Back in the System Manager, expand Recipients - Recipient Policies and double-click on Default Policy (on the right).
    Exchange Recipient Policies
  5. Under E-Mail Addresses (Policy), make sure the domains your server is responsible for, are listed here. You should add your external domain name by clicking on New... - SMTP Address and entering your external domain name (this configuration is actually not important for the POP3 connector, but for outgoing messages). Mark This Exchange Organization is responsible for all mail delivery to this address (if this is not the case, for example, because some of your users download messages directly from the POP3 server, you can clear this checkbox but you must ensure all the users configured in PopGrabber exist in the Exchange server, otherwise this setting will create a loop).
    Exchange Recipient SMTP Address Properties
  6. Enable the generation rule for the external domain and set is as primary. This will ensure your outgoing emails will have the correct domain name (and not the .local domain). Save the changes and confirm the automatic recipient update.
    Exchange Recipient E-Mail Policy
  7. Back in the System Manager, expand Global Settings, right click on Message Delivery and select Properties. If you are using filtering in Exchange, check the Sender Filtering tab to make sure that Drop connection if address matches filter is not enabled and Accept messages without notifying sender of filtering is enabled. Otherwise, PopGrabber will keep trying to send the rejected message.
    Exchange Message Delivery Sender Filtering
  8. Under Defaults, make sure the Sending and the Receiving message size values are set to a value higher than the default of 10240. A value of around 20000 is recommended for outgoing E-Mails, and a higher value should be used for receiving messages (they have been downloaded by the POP3 connector already, so there is little sense in rejecting them).
    Exchange Message Delivery Defaults

PopGrabber Professional Basic Configuration

  1. Open the PopGrabber management console and click on Settings
  2. General: Set the download interval to a value different from 0 to enable automatic download. To simplify entering multiple accounts, fill out the default values for the POP3 and SMTP Server, finally, enter the E-Mail address of your postmaster (the local address is recommended, although not necessary).
    PopGrabber Professional General Settings
  3. Global: Add the domains PopGrabber should recognize for the global accounts. The external domain can be the same as the local domain (since we added the domain name to Exchange on step 5 of the Exchange configuration), however, it is in general better to let PopGrabber change the external name to a local name (this helps, for example, to avoid loops in case your Exchange server is not the only responsible server for your company's E-Mails). In this tab you can also add custom headers PopGrabber should use to identify the intended recipient in global accounts.
    PopGrabber Global Settings
  4. Advanced: The standard values for this page should not be changed unless you are having problems with spam filters or antivirus programs. To troubleshoot problems during the initial configuration, you can change the Report Level to Debug.

POP3 Connector Account Configuration

  1. In the PopGrabber Settings dialog, move to the Accounts tab and click on New.
  2. Single Account: Enter the username and password for the user's postbox on the POP3 server, and enter the local email address the messages should be sent to. All messages found in this postbox will be redirected to this single user.
    POP3 Connector Single Account
  3. Global Account: Enter the username and password for the global postbox on the POP server. In the SMTP configuration select Global Account. PopGrabber will automatically identify all E-Mail addresses included in each message (based on the headers selected in the Global configuration). PopGrabber will then forward all messages to the correct recipients to the configured SMTP server.
    POP3 Connector Global Account
  4. PopGrabber is now ready to receive POP3 messages and redirect them to Exchange.