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Using ClamMail with Eclarsys PopGrabber

Setting up ClamMail to use with Eclarsys PopGrabber

Please note that we are in no way associated with ClamAV, ClamMail or any of its developers. We provide this information because we believe it is an excellent solution for small to medium companies looking for a cost-effective Antivirus solution.

Please note that ClamMail works only on POP3 connections, and only when correctly configured. ClamMail will not filter any messages received through SMTP or prevent your server from sending infected messages.

ClamMail installation and configuration

  1. Download the ClamMail POP3 Proxy from SourceForge (Screenshots using ClamMail Version 1.3.5)
  2. Install ClamMail using the standard options.
  3. Configure the proxy settings if needed:

    If you have a POP3 Server in the same machine where ClamMail is installed, make sure the proxy is configured to use a different port number (default is 110).
  4. Configure the update server for ClamMail:

    In "Database mirrors" change the top mirror to the one closest to your country (for example: "" for Germany). For a list of current mirrors go to the ClamAV Website. Configure the HTTP Proxy if you have one.
  5. These are the basic settings required for the ClamMail proxy, you can experiment with the other program options if you wish.

Configuring Eclarsys PopGrabber to use the ClamMail Proxy

  1. For each POP3 account, you need to change the Username to: username\POP3_server[:port]
    Where POP3_server is the POP3 Server where your account resides.
  2. You can add a "+" at the end to use full SSL or "-" to use SSL without STARTTLS (in case your sever doesn't support it).
  3. You can specify the port to use for this specific POP3 Server in case it's not the default (note: you MUST specify the port if you are using SSL, default SSL port is 995).
  4. You also need to change the "POP3 Server" to the name of the machine running ClamMail (or localhost if it's the same machine). And the "POP3 Server Port" to the one configured on the ClamMail proxy.
  5. Make sure APOP authentication is disabled.
  6. For example, if your account information is:
    POP3 Username: username
    POP3 Server:
    POP3 Password: password
    SSL: Full, using default port
    ClamMail installed on same machine using default POP3 Port (110).
    Forward message to SMTP Server: server
    Destination Email: [email protected]

    The POP3 account configuration would be: