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Eclarsys PopGrabber

Eclarsys PopGrabber - POP3 Connector replacement for Exchange and SMTP Servers

Collects Emails from one server via POP3 and delivers them to another server via SMTP.

A POP3 Grabber (or POP3 connector) is normally used by small to medium companies that do not have a dedicated Email server on the Internet and rely on their Internet Service Provider's server for the reception of the emails.

Eclarsys PopGrabber is an excellent replacement for the POP3 connector included with the Small Business version of Microsoft Exchange, and also works with any other standard SMTP server.

PopGrabber Free/Standard Screenshots

Administration Console Account Manager
Administration Console Account Manager Account Editor

PopGrabber Professional Screenshots

Global Accounts Message History Account Editor
Global Account Settings Delivery History Account Editor

PopGrabber is available in three versions:

  • PopGrabber Free
    If support for 3 POP3 accounts is all you need download this POP3 connector at no cost and use it as long as you like. Excellent solution for small companies.
  • PopGrabber Standard
    Unlimited POP3 accounts and unlimited SMTP Servers. Suitable for most medium companies, including companies who want to forward their Emails to different SMTP Servers.
  • PopGrabber Professional
    All features of the PopGrabber Standard version and additionally:
    • Support for global accounts (catch-all mailboxes)
    • Message delivery history
    • Native SSL support for POP3 and SMTP connections
    • Option to leave messages on the server
    • SMTP authentication

All PopGrabber Version are compatible with Exchange

We have prepared a detailed POP3 Connector configuration guide for Exchange 2003. PopGrabber supports all current Exchange Server versions. You can also download the Exchange configuration guide in PDF format.

NOTE: Unlike other free POP3 connector solutions, the free version of PopGrabber also runs as a windows service.


  • Compatible with most email servers
    Works using the standard POP3 and SMTP protocols supported by virtually all email servers.
  • Immediate email forwarding
    As soon as an email is received it is immediately forwarded.
  • Safe
    No emails are deleted from the POP3 Server until they are successfully delivered to the destination server
  • Fast and Compact design
    Compact code using only the standard .Net library functions (no third party modules).

Limitations of PopGrabber Free/Standard

The following features are NOT supported by PopGrabber Free/Standard (but they ARE supported by the Professional Version):

  • Catch-all Mailboxes (each POP3 mailbox is forwarded to only one email address)
  • SSL Connections (you can use Bransoft's ClamMail GNU POP3 Proxy as a workaround, and you get an Antivirus scanner for free!!).
  • SMTP Authentication
  • The Free Version is limited to 3 POP3 accounts

Antivirus Scanning

If you need a free Antivirus solution for your POP3 connector, we recommend using the ClamAV based ClamMail. ClamMail functions as a POP3 proxy and allows you to filter infected emails before forwarding them to your SMTP server. As an extra bonus, you get SSL connection support for products which do not support it like Eclarsys PopGrabber Free and Eclarsys PopGrabber Standard.

We have prepared a step-by-step guide to set up ClamMail with Eclarsys PopGrabber.

Important! Be sure to configure ClamMail on a different port if you already have a POP3 Service running on Port 110.

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 Server (PopGrabber Professional supports x64 Versions natively, the Free and Standard Version are supported in WOW64 Mode), Windows Server 2008
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 for the Free and Standard Versions
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 2 for the Professional Version

Our software has been tested and certified by Softpedia

Softpedia "100% CLEAN" AWARD


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