Can't install PopGrabber

Check the system requirements for PopGrabber. Specifically, you must have the Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 installed and you need administrative privileges in order to install the PopGrabber service.

Service will not start

Please check the application log file in the Windows Event Viewer for any messages from the PopGrabber service. Verify also the following:

Emails are not being downloaded

Check the PopGrabber log file (in the program directory) for any error message. Also verify that no firewall is blocking the ports used by the POP3 or SMTP servers configured in the PopGrabber account having the problem. Verify also the log file of your local SMTP server to verify if it is blocking any of the Emails downloaded by PopGrabber.

Can't see the log file in the PopGrabber Console

Check that you have read permissions in the PopGrabber installation directory. Also make sure that the NTFS "Last Access Time Stamp" is not deactivated. PopGrabber relies on this function to update the log file output when it changes.

Can't find the shortcut to open the PopGrabber Console

The shortcuts are created only for the user who installed the application. You can copy the shortcuts from the user's profile or launch the administration console directly (the default installation path is "Program Files\Eclarsys\PopGrabber\EPopGrabber.exe".

If you have any other problems with the program, please post you question in the Eclarsys Forum.